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President's Welcome

I want to extend my heartfelt welcome to Lifeway Theological University. We are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish in a relatively short time.


Lifeway Theological University is a post secondary faith-based institution that strives to be a leader in the academic development of men and women that can make a significant impact on the world through their academic and professional excellence as well as their Christian values. Lifeway Theological University seeks to fulfill its mission by providing a variety of lifelong learning opportunities for both individuals and churches that include Associate and Bachelor level undergraduate education courses, adult continuing education classes, seminars, publications, as well as providing theological leadership for the Christian community and world at large.

If your purpose in life were restricted to simply learning the Bible and establishing a personal relationship with God, you would not need a religion-oriented University. The purpose of Lifeway Theological University is to educate you and train you to go that step farther. We prepare men and women for the ministry. We train you to go out into the real world and teach other people the miracles of God’s Word, and to teach them how to apply God’s Word to improving the quality of their lives. We teach you how to prepare for work in missions, should that be your calling.  We prepare people to be pastors of local churches. We prepare you to be able administrators of Church programs, so that your usefulness to the churches and to the people of the world can be maximized, while at the same time, you develop your personal worth and your personal satisfaction to the highest degree.

We have an unusual variety of specific population groups whom we target.  

In our brochures, you may have noticed references to “Burmese, Korean and English-speaking students.”  Let me explain for a moment how that concept began. You may know that Myanmar (previously Burma) is a country that has been wracked with totalitarian oppression and religious persecution. Thousands of refugees have found their way to the United States. Many of them relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, where as a group, they found themselves basically adopted by the local Jacksonville Baptist Church. The Church helped them find housing, food and employment, as well as taught them basic English.  Most of the Burmese families have since become quite successful, and wanted to keep progressing. Much of the assistance we received was from American citizens, and 

English did become the primary language of most of the people involved in the community.

We certainly do not serve only those nationalities. We are open to everybody, and we anxiously hope to attract a much broader student base.

As the President, I pledge to you that we will provide the best quality religious and secular education that can be obtained. We will never sacrifice quality and sincerity for money.  As you read the materials, you will probably be amazed at how low the tuition and fees are.  We are here to provide an education, not to make money.

Again, on behalf of Lifeway Theological University, I welcome you, and look forward to meeting all of you personally.

Jong Oh Lee, D.Min.


Dr. Jong Oh Aum 

(Ph. D, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Armand M. Canoy 

(Th.D, Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary)

Dr. John Chung 

(D.Min, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Ray Johnson 

(Ph.D, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Suk G Kwon 

(Ph.D, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Jong Oh Lee 

(D.Min, Luther Rice University)

Dr. Kwang Soo Lee 

(Th.D, Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary)

Dr. Young Won Lee 

(Ph.D, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Paul Young P Yoon 

(Ph.D, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Daniel John Lee 

(C.Ed.D, Lifeway Baptist University)

Dr. Ceu Stoney 

(C.Ed.D, Lifeway Baptist University)

Dr. James Simpson 

(C.Ed.D, Lifeway Baptist University)

Dr. Dan T Lee 

(C.Ed.D, Lifeway Baptist University)

Dr. Seong Jib Kim 

(D.Ed.Min, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Michael Soud 

(Ph.D, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Sun Bum Choi 

(Ph.D, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Hyon Mi Choi 

(Ph.D, Baek Seok University)

Dr. Chin Woo Park 

(D.D.M, University of Florida)

Dr. Benny Jo

(Director of Southeast Asia)

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