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Whether you’re looking to begin your college career, explore graduate and professional opportunities, or complete a degree you’ve already started, take the next step in making life at LTU a reality.

Admission Requirements

  • A Testimony of Biblical Salvation, affirming having accepted Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as Lord & Savior.

  • Letters of reference showing outstanding credentials in Christian character, commitment to ministry, and financial ability.

  • Completion & Remittance of all necessary Applications & Fees.

  • Official transcripts of previous academic experience and satisfactory evidence of current academic ability for entry to Degree Programs.​

Application Form

  • Please download and open the following PDF document.

  • Print out this document.

  • Fill in with pen. Attach additional pages for answers, if necessary.

  • Mail completed forms to admissions office at Lifeway Baptist University​

Application Form

Church Recommendation

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