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Lifeway Theological University offers a variety of options, from a 1-year Bible certificate, Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies to 4-year Bachelor Degree.

Associate of Artist in

Biblical Studies Degree

The Associate of Arts degree with a major in Biblical Studies is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of the Bible and its interpretation as preparation for further training for vocational ministry. Students graduating with an Associate of Arts, Biblical Studies major will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Old and New Testaments.

  • Interpret Scripture according to basic hermeneutical principles.

  • Formulate theological beliefs based upon biblical and historical perspectives.

  • Demonstrate basic skills in communicating biblical truth.

Bachelor of Theology Degree

The Bachelor of Theology (TH.B) degree program is an undergraduate degree which is formulated to develop and sharpen the skills of the pastor, evangelist, missionary and others in Christian vocational ministry. The TH.B program requires the completion of a core of Biblical studies in addition to general education requirements and the choice of major emphasis for ministry focus in the fields of Christian Education.

Master of Divinity Degree

The Master Of Divinity is a Professional graduate degree designed to train and prepare individuals to demonstrate a high level of competence in theoretical analyses and practical skills in the pastoral ministry and other areas of professional Christian ministry. Graduates of this program are expected to demonstrate competence in handling complex problems in the biblical, theological, and practical aspects of the ministry. they are also expected to be able to reproduce pastors, Christian educators, church planters, and chaplains through the extension centers of the seminary. This degree program also prepares students for postgraduate studies.

Master of Art in Ministry Degree

The Master of Arts in Ministry is a degree program intended to promote students' growth in personal maturity and professional ministry competence. It is designed to equip students for effective service in the varied areas of ministry which include, but are no limited to, preaching, teaching, church planting, personal counseling, chaplaincy, and evangelism. It seeks to help students to develop the ability to understand and interpret the Christian faith in the light of its biblical, theological, and historical contexts and to utilize insights gained from these disciplines for the effective practice of ministry in the church, the community, and the world.

Doctor of Ministry Degree

Our Doctor of Ministry is an advanced degree preparing students for leadership in local churches. Ministers seeking growth in competencies, spiritual vitality, and character will greatly benefit from the professional doctoral degrees offered through Lifeway Baptist University.

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